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Adventure Expedition TravelTrekking in KumaonTrekking in KumaonTrekking in KumaonTrekking in Kumaon
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Devi Kund Trek
Trip Info
Duration : 16 days.
Destination: Delhi - Kathgodam - Gwaldam - Song - Dhakuri - Khati - Jatoli - Dhungiya  Dhaun - Kathliya - Sukhram Cave - Maikoli - Sunderdunga - Maikoli - Devi Kund
Highest Point : 4100m
Best Season :
Grade : Moderate.
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Day 01: Delhi to Kathgodam ( By train )
Devi Kund TrekArrival at delhi, transfer to Hotel . Evening take train to Kathgodam. O/N Train

Day 02: Kathgodam - Gwaldam
Morning arrival at Kathgodam, Drive through Himalayan heven, an amazing drive of 8-9 hrs. During the we see a close view of majestic peak Trishul. O?N Guesthouse.
Day 03: Gwaldham -Song- Dhakuri (2621m)
This we will drive for another 5 hrs to Song & later trek for 13 Kms to Dhakuri. O/N tents.

Day 04: Dhakuri - Khati- Jatoli (2000m)
We will start a early & trek for 8 kms to Khati, for Khati we will walk along the Pinder River. Later we will come to the confluence of Pider & Sunderdhunga steam. O/N camps

Day 05: Jatoli- Dhungiya Dhaun ( 2700m)
Its a 8 kms trek from Jatoli to Dhungiya Dhaun , Its tough day of trekking on which just 8 kms take 5 hrs. we will move along to the Suderdhunga stream to reach Dhungiya Dhaun. O/N camps.
Day 06: Dhungiyadhung - Kathliya
We will start our trek from Dhungiya Dhaun, its a 6kms of trek which take 4 hrs to arrive Kathliya . O/N Camps.

Day 07: Kathalia-Sukhram Cave (3900 m)
Its a 7 kms trek from Kathalia to Sukhram cave, which takes 5 hrs. O/N camps.

Day 08: Sukhram Cave -Maikoli (4320 m)
Trekking in KumaonThis is a 7 kms/5hrs walking from Sukhram Cave to Maikoli. O/N camps

Day 09: Maikoli - Sunderdunga
We will start our day with a tough down hill trek of 4 hrs to Sunderdhunga stream, afternoon we will walk back to Mailkoli. O/N camps

Day 10 : Maikoli -Devi Kund
We trek from Maikoli camp to Devi kund. O/N camps.

Day 11 : Devi Kund - Maikoli
Walk back to Maikoli. O/N camps.

Day 12: Maikoli - Kathalia
A 14 kms trek from Maikoli to Kathalia take 7 hrs. O/N camps

Day 13: Kathalia - Jatoli
Its 15kms trek of 7 hrs from Kathalia to Jatoli. O/N camps

Day 14: Jatoli - Dhakuri
Start your trek from Jatoli , which is 15kms /7 hrs to Dhakuri. O/N camps.

Day 15: Dhakuri - Bageshwar
Its the last day of trekking from Dhakuri to Song, the distance of trek is 13 kms that take around 5hrs. from Song will drive for 53 kms to Bageshwar. O/N Guesthouse.
Day 16: Bageshwar - Delhi 286kms/9hr
Morning drive for 285 kms to Delhi. ( End of trip )

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