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Travel Advice

Whether you have just a few short days, or that special longer trip you’ve planned years for, take a few minutes to think about your goals for your tour. A few guidelines are not only very helpful in making sure your next adventure meets and exceeds your expectations, but is essential for us to best assist with your next vacation of a lifetime.

1. Destination:
Do you have a specific destination in mind?
If so, have you been there before?
If the answer to this yes, then ask yourself what you liked and what you did not like about your previous experience. Are you looking for new experiences or a repeat of your previous ones? If no and this is a new destination, ask yourself what sorts of pre-conceived ideas to you have? Have your friends been there and told you about it? Did you read a magazine article? Is it a destination you’ve wanted to travel since you were a kid? Are there specific areas or activities, besides adventure activities you want to see or do? These "pre-conceptual" ideas play a very important role in how your actual vacation will compare to your planned vacation. With this information, we can ensure, as best as possible, you see and do what you want. Alternatively, we may recommend you into a different destination that will better suit your pre-conceived ideas.

2. Time Frame:
When do you plan to travel?
Is this a general time frame or specific dates?
How long do you have for your trip?
Is this flexible and if so how much?
Do you have enough time to travel to your destination of choice?
Have you researched or thought about your travel dates in light of:
Is this the best time of year for that destination?
Is it the best time of year for a specific activity you plan to do?
Remember there are seasonality factors to many of the destinations. Also keep in mind that most destinations require additional travel time.

3. Personal Style:
How experienced are you?
What type of riding experience are you looking for?
Nature experience?
A bit of everything?
What type of accommodation do you require?

This information is really what helps us get a feel for what you want from your trip and is essential in our ability to truly customize your riding adventure to suit you.

4. Budget:
What is your budget (per person basis)?
Is this flexible?
What do you expect that budget to include?
If you are not sure what your proposed trip might cost, that is understandable, but a rough idea is still important. This is
probably the single most important piece of information you can provide as many itineraries / destinations can be done
on different levels according to your style. No sense putting forth an itinerary that is not affordable. Likewise, we
would not want to omit a great experience on your trip of a lifetime because it is expensive. Remember, a
budget is subjective. What some may consider expensive is average to others.

5. Traveling Companions:
Have you taken their interests, riding ability and style into consideration?
Who are you traveling with?
Are there children? Ages?

6. Pre-Booking Your Trip:
How far in advance should you plan?
What deposits will be required?
Trip Insurance?
If you are planning on traveling over holidays or during peak seasons, then you will need to pre-book well in advance
of your travel dates. As much pre-planning as possible is recommended to ensure your preferred dates are available.
Often a year in advance is required! Under normal booking situations, usually a 25%-50% deposit is initially
required upon confirmation of your reservations and final balance of your trip due 45-60 days prior to your departure.

7. Required Paperwork:
Many of the destinations in which we specialize require US citizens to have a valid passport. Some require an
entry visa as well. Others just require proof of citizenship. Proper proof of citizenship usually includes
an original birth certificate, along with a current government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license.
While we try to have updated, current information on the destinations of your vacation, it is your
responsibility as a traveler to know and have the proper paperwork prior to departure.

8. Destination and Pre-Trip Information:
General information can be found for each destination on our website. While Great Expeditions
strives to provide accurate, current information about travel logistics within each
country, please refer to official government websites.

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